Hi! We are Fritto Misto Games!

We are a fresh team of Game Designers, Developers and Artists based in Cagliari, Italy.
We love making 2D experimental games!

Fritto Misto Logo

The team was born at the beginning of 2022, thanks to the support of NAS (New Animation in Sardegna), which formed and gave an office space to several 2D artists and animators willing to work in video games and animation.

We met in the NAS offices and we started working together on our own projects during our spare time, and we are now ready to make the next big step!



Francesco Laddomada
Co-Founder, Game Designer and Developer
After co-founding a startup in Berlin and studying Game Design at ITU Copenhagen, I briefly worked as a Game Designer for Activision King.
I realized that making F2P games was not for me, so I came back to Cagliari with the dream of creating an indie game studio and a local community of game authors, which became Sardinia Game Scene.
My design philosophy consists of creating minimalist and experimental forms of play with a huge love for details in their every aspect (design, art, technology).
Leonardo Cordio
Co-Founder, Lead Artist
I am a Character Designer, Art Director, 2D Game Artist and 2D Animator grown-up between cinema, video games, and role-playing games. At the age of three, I picked up a pencil from which I never separated again. I covered many creative roles in different team-based pipelines, and during these years, I strengthened my basis and honed my style. I’m really into parmesan, role playing games, black humor, solid design solutions, simplification of too complex ideas, and indie quality games with innovative mechanics.
Claudia Cocci
Technical and Concept Artist
Comic Artist from the very beginning, always interested in drawing and creating worlds born from my mind since I was a tiny being. I’m curious and open to learn new skills other than pen and paper, eager to find a way to express my creativity through Video Games and Teamwork.
Fabio Costa
Game Designer and Developer
I have designed board games since I was a kid. I worked many different jobs while studying game design and development in my spare time. Among such jobs, I worked a bit in the videogame modding community and kept designing board games. Now that I finally started working as a videogame designer and developer, I am implacable. If you cross my road and try to stop me, my fiery passion for game design will be your demise.
Fry J. Apocaloso
Writer and 2D Animator
I have always been passionate about comedy and animation, I began my journey by creating videos on YouTube since 2005, and I still upload content of all kinds. I studied cinema at Raindance in London and the New York Film Academy in Florence, and then studied animation at Scuola Di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan. Over the years I have made shorts, music videos, webseries and spots. Some of the most popular works are Little Barber Shop of Horrors (2015), I Delfini Nuotano - Elio e le Storie Tese (2016), Preti in Mano (2010-2011), Rikkardo's Tales (2011-2018).
Irene Lai
Concept and Background Artist
I’m a geek about all forms of visual communication and from an early age I’ve always had a penchant for letting my thoughts out in the form of drawing and doodles. My favorite things include but are not limited to: cats, retrogaming, science, weird critters and useless but interesting bits of information. Eternally curious and always looking for new ways to have fun with art and videogames!
Luca Floris
Technical Artist and Animator
After I graduated in Cinematography, I enrolled at BigRock to study CG animation in order to pursue my dream to become a professional Animator. Once I returned to Sardinia during the pandemic I started working on various 3D projects with my former colleagues. Eventually I decided to stay at Cagliari with the goal to create an Animation community in the mediterranean island. My aspiration is to create animated content for Video Games and Television.
Matteo Porcu
Character Designer and Concept Artist
When working as a Character Design and Concept Artist, I channel there my passion for the line, the color, the shape and I’m able to better understand how things work. I am fascinated by the various forms of narration and I am also interested in illustration, comics, animation and video games. I’m also open to new experiences and to acquire new skills.
Mattia Mura
Concept Artist and Animator
I'm a Visual Storyteller and I do nice things with Animation, Motion Design and Illustration!
Nicola Pedroni
Composer and Sound Designer
For over fifteen years I have been working as a musician / performer / sound designer in the fields of jazz, soundtracks, electronic music and improvised music. I'm Trained as a drummer and percussionist, I also trained in the field of electroacoustic, electronic and concrete music. I use classical and self-made percussion, string and electronic instruments, contact microphones, synthesizers, toys, metal plates and a large number of sound objects.